Saturday, 15 February 2014

2014 New Year Resolutions Book Tag

Hey Guys,

Now I think this is a booktube tag but I thought it would be fun to do it on my blog, since I don't do booktube videos, anyways, I hope you enjoy and if you have any future suggests for blog posts let me know in the comments below.

 1. An author you'd like to read (that you've never read before).

Answer: Alexandra Bracken 

2. A book you'd like to read.

Answer: Cinder the first book in the Lunar Chronicles series.

3. A classic you'd like to read.

Answer: The Great Gatsby.

4. A book you'd like to re-read.

Answer: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. I loved that book and the minute I finished it I wanted to re-read it and I'm not someone who re-reads books. So, I want to wait a while before I do so, I can hopefully forget bits and experience some of the same joy I did when I read it the first time round.

5. A book you've had for ages and want to read.

Answer: Either the Lying Game as I love the PLL series and I started the book and really liked it as it's one of those easy reads but I might leave it until summer for a bit of a light read. Also, Through the Ever Night again I've read a few chapters but then a bunch of books from other series i was reading came out and it ended up getting shelved.  

6. An author you've previously read and want to read more of.

Answer: Melissa De La Cruz. I loved her Blood Bloods series and I'm excited to read her The Beauchamp Family series (now a T.V. series called Witches of East End that I love). 

7. A book you got for Christmas and would like to read.

Answer: Didn't get any books for Christmas.

8. A series you want to read (start and finish)

Answer: The Percy Jackson Series and it's Spin-Off series

9. A series you want to finish (that you've already started)

Answer: The Wolves of Mercy Falls Series. I only have the last one Forever still to read. It's a series that I don't really like but if I've started a series I like to finish it with the only exception being the Evermore series but that was a terrible series. 

10. Do you set reading goals? If so, how many books do you want to read in 2014?

Answer: This is my first year I have set myself a goal and it is to read 30 books this year. I worked out that, that means I need to read 2 and a half books a month to reach my goal and so, it seems manageable and I'm confident I can do it. However, I think I only read like 12 books last year so we'll see how it goes.

11.What one thing you hope to accomplish or do in your reading/blogging/book-tubing in 2014?

To start book-tubing. 

12. What genre of books do you plan to branch out to in 2014, if any?

I'm not so sure about the entire genre but I would like to read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series which is a Adult Vampire book so, I would quite like to branch into adult fiction but preferably still with a supernatural twist. 

Love, Lily x

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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Coldest Girl In Coldtown Review!

Hey Guys,

I'm back with my review of The Coldest Girl In Coldtown (check out the link for the summary of the book on goodreads). For starters, I have to say that I prefer my books to be apart of a series as it gives the writer more time to explore the complexity of the characters as well as give you a substantial story that hasn't been rushed. Therefore, even thought I had heard great reviews I was a bit skeptical about how good this book really is and whether I would like it as much as everyone else seemed to. But my skepticism was foolish. The minute I picked up this book I didn't want to put it down and every minute of free time I got I spent it reading this book. The whole book was fast paced but, not at the expense of character development.  As the book went on it got better and better and there wasn't one point that I thought it got boring. I especially loved that through out the book Tana mostly kept to her belief that being a vampire wasn't what she wanted and that even though at times she was swayed at the end she stuck to her beliefs and locked herself up so her body could fight the infection. Additionally, despite her growing attraction to Gavriel (but not love as she was a sensible girl and doesn't fall in love with the first new mysterious guy she meets in her teens like most book heroines seem to do in YA) she doesn't choose to forsake her humanity and her beliefs and turn just because a cute vampire is attracted to her. She also doesn't over look the fact that at times he is sadistic and mentally unstable and is wary of the fact that she is falling for a mass murder of vampires and humans. The ending is one of those that leaves a bit of a cliff-hanger for you to finish the story yourself in whatever way you want to imagine it but it also ties up all the loose ends in the way you would expect a stand-alone to. 

Overall, I give it ***** stars. It was well written, it had a strong likable female heroine, and a strong story with a few twists I didn't see coming but loved. 

Now for some of my favorite quotes and bits:  

- "Every hero is the villain of his own story." I just love it is as I see it as that the biggest obstacle in your life is you and that you are the only one who can stop yourself doing whatever you want to do not anybody else.

- "If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, then surely you should be friend to my friend." This quote still confuses me.

- "If you're proposing a duel, I believe she gets to pick the weapon.", "I hope she picks me."

- I loved the whole Thorn of Istra plot running through and was stunned by the reveal near the end.

- All scenes with Lucien. He was a horrible guy but every scene of his with the other characters helped to not only to move the story along but they also helped to develop the story further. 

- When Tana killed Midnight I was thrilled. I hated that girl and she just grated on my nerves. 

Hope you enjoyed that and please feel free to comment with any suggestions for upcoming post or books I should read. Also, let me now what your favorite bits from the book where. 

Love, Lily x

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

February TBR

Hey Guys,

It seems February is finale upon us. However, I have to say it isn't my favourite month so to pass the time until March I plan to read as many books as I can. On my Goodreads I've set a goal for 30 books by the end of the year so, on average that's 2 and a half books per month. But, this month in honour of the 8 lettered month I am aiming for 8. So, with out further or do here they are:

1. Finish Allegiant by Veronica Roth (thought I'm a bit apprehensive as many people have said after reading it that they feel that when the watch Divergent it's going to be sad which now makes me worry that it isn't going to end well for one of our main characters).

2. Finally finish the Stefan's Diaries series by L.J. Smith (I've read the first 5 and the first 3 maybe 4 were good but now I just want to get them finished and off my TBR pile as they aren't as good as the series).

3. Percy Jackson The Lightening Thief  by Rick Riordan (all thought it's classed as a children's book I've had really great thinks about it and I'm excited to read it as well as the fact that there's a sequel series so, I've got plenty of them to read).

4. The Lying Game by Sara Shepard ( love the PLL series and loved The Lying Game TV series despite it being cancelled).

5. Forever by Maggie Stiefvater(Another one that's been on my TBR pile for aaaaaaagggggggggggeeeeeeeeessssssss. It's one of those ones where the first book was okay then I hated the second book and I just want to get this one finished because I bought it and it's the last one in a series).

6, 7 and 8 I'm leaving open in case I want to buy any books or for the other books in the two series I pan to start this month.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the lack of punctuation I was always terrible at English. Hope you liked my post and please comment any suggestions for future post or criticisms for future reference.

Love, Lily xxx

P.S. Look out for an upcoming post on my review of The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black 

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