Friday, 2 January 2015

New Years Resolution Book Tag 2014: UPDATE

Hey Guys,

I can't believe it's been almost a year since my last post, it feels like it was only a couple of months ago. Nevertheless, due to it being a New Year I'm full of inspiration to start lots of new projects and make this year a bit more successful and productive than the last. Therefore, I have decided to start my blog up again and what better way than to do so with a post reviewing my New Year’s Resolution book tag from 2014.Without further ado, let’s get started:
  1. I cited Alexandra Bracken as an author I would like to read which I haven't ever before, but I have fallen at the first hurdle and not read or purchased anything by her, but I still want to read THE DARKEST MINDS and so that might be in my 2015 New Year’s Resolution list.
  2. YAY! I did complete this one. It was a book you'd like to read and it was CINDER BY MARISSA MYER. However, I was not a big fan. But, I did the stupid task of buying CINDER, SCARLET and CRESS all at once thinking I'd love it so, I'm going to give SCARLET a go and see how I fair as it was more so the character of Cinder and her story that I disliked hence I may prefer Scarlet's.
  3. Another failure. I chose THE GREAT GATSBY as a classic I'd like to read as the movie was coming out at the time, but it was a resolution I had no intention of honouring as the classic genre doesn't interest me as I know most of the stories and what happens so I don't want to read the books.
  4.  "A book you'd like to re-read", I picked THE COLDEST GIRL IN COLDTOWN as it was one of the first books I actually wanted to re-read as I loved it so much, but I have that many books on my TBR shelf I don't want to waste my time re-reading a book when I could be experiencing and falling in love with a new one.
  5. WOOO! Another completed resolution! I chose THE LYING GAME and UNDER THE NEVER SKY for books I've had for ages and want to read. Let me tell you, there was a reason both books have been on my shelf for a while. For me THE LYING GAME was slow and uneventful because I knew there were a few books in the series and so every time she thought she knew who her sister's killer was you knew it wouldn't be because there was still about 5 other books. UNDER THE NEVER SKY was similar, it was rather slow and the main two characters didn't really speak because the boy didn't like or trust the protaganist and when he did speak it was to yell at her for not doing as she was told. Therefore, with both series I doubt I will be carrying them on.
  6. I picked Melissa De La Cruz as an author I'd like to read more of and while I bought the first book in the WITCHES OF EAST END series I'm yet to read it, however, I love the TV series and due to its cancellation I need something to fill the WITCHES OF EAST END shaped hole in my hear ergo I'm hoping the book will do the trick. 
  7. Didn't get any books for Christmas last year, so couldn't read them.
  8. Partial completion! I finish PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS series, but I didn't read THE KANE CHRONICLES because after reading reviews I lost my interest in that series and it was Percy Jackson and his world, I was most interested in but now I feel like I would like to read them so we'll see what happens this year. My next goal, however, is to read the PERCY JACKSON AND THE HEROES OF OLYMPUS.
  9. Another failure! I wanted to finally finish THE WOLVES OF MERCY FALLS SERIES, but it's been too long since I had read the first two so, I struggled to remember most of the story, except for the fact that I knew I disliked the two main characters so I just looked up what happened in the end and read the last chapter and I can safely say I made the right decision.
  10. I set a reading goal of 30 books for 2014 and due to the fact I had read 12 the previous year I wasn't hopeful but................... I still failed! However, I did read 28 so that's more than double last year’s, so I cite that one as a success.
  11. Sadly, I didn't start book-tubing and probably never will but I hope to have a lot better go at blogging
  12. And finally I cited what I think is now called "New adult fiction" as a genre I would like to branch into and I stated I would do that through starting the BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD SERIES, which I have and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Success! 

All in all it was a failure with me successfully completing 4 and a half (the half for reading 28 books instead of 30) out of my 12 New Year’s Resolutions, but, I did read a lot of great books in 2014 and there's a lot of good books to look forward to in 2015! I hope your reading year was as enjoyable as mine and let me know in the comments if you completed or failed miserably at your reading resolutions and what you hope to achieve in 2015!

Live, Laugh and Love to Read!
Lily x