Sunday, 17 May 2015

Book talk: Ruby Red by Kierstin Gier

Hey Guys,

So, on top of failing my New Years Resolutions book tag challenge from last year I have also failed my New Years Resolution for this year which was to start back up my blog. Nevertheless, 3 months has passed since my last post and I'm ready and rearing to go. So, I have decided start my blog again with a review of Ruby Red by Kierstin Gier.

I bought the book a couple of months ago when I was going through books like some do coffees and was looking for something to read that was a little bit different to what I usually picked but, inevitably a reading slump hit just before I got to it. Now what with TV shows airing their finales and a 3 month hiatus until they come back I decide to give it a try, so here is what I thought.

My overall opinion was it was a great book, it was a quick and easy read with the trusted components of young love and adventure. An ordinary girl finds out that she in fact has the time travelling gene that all believed her cousin Charlotte had inherited, which leads to her having to travel through time to acquire blood from some of the previous 10 time-travelers in order to complete the chronograph (a time travelling machine) so its secrets can be unlocked. This all due to the first one being stolen by her cousin and her partner to keep the secrets from being revealed. Along the way their are of-course twist and turns, a few which were predictable, however they were not enough to spoil the book. Probably my most major complaint was I felt there was no big scene near the end to create the impact of the book to keeping you wanting to read more books, yes their was a few shocking reveals throughout and at the end but it just seemed like it was leading up to a climax we never hit and Gwen and Gideon's kiss happened to quickly and suddenly without any building or signs except for the odd look when they had spent most of the book bickering and disliking each other and one argument was even over him kissing Charlotte outside of school less than 24 hours before they professed their love for each other. Ultimately, it just seem very quick and haphazard done with little build-up or planning.

Despite, all this I did enjoy the book and I couldn't put it down and I am excitedly waiting for the second one to arrive in the post. I would recommend the book especially if your stuck in a reading slump as its a quick light read which is perfect for getting you out of one.

Stars; ***

Live, Laugh and Love to Read!
Lily x

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